Saturday, January 5, 2013

Re-cap 3

See the first two posts to get an idea of where I am coming from.

Currently I have an issue with the screen not turning on.

Citing the RPi build I was hoping to fix it. See build post here: RPi Build

The issue where the screen will not turn on is perplexing because it did work in this configuration, naked without being in the 'cradle' which houses the MICRO-HDMI/USB Male ends.

When the MICRO-HDMI/USB were in the cradle and you adjusted the angle of the cradle it would turn the screen on/off. This to me indicated that there was a physical toggle? 

 However now. The board will power up when connected to the MX2 creating conductivity from the Orange wire I soldered to the PIN 3 ( ground/brown ) of the HDMI/USB CX. If the MX2 is unplugged I will not get conductivity to anywhere but the immediate leech solder to the HDMI PIN3.

As you see above ^^^^^^^^^^^ the metal strip connecting the two hinges. Which completed some sort of circuit.... when the cradle was at its full-open.

I am now attempting to close that circuit.... unsuccessfully so far...

It is possible I messed up the board... EMI ? I will be taking apart another lap-dock and troubleshooting piece by piece.

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  1. hi,

    is there anyone so kind and show me the hdmi pinout? last year one pin of the micro hdmi was broken, so i unsoldered the hdmi cable of the ld and now i cant remember which cable is connected with which pin. so i need the pin of the root and the pin no of the micro usb.

    thanks in advance